Shudder Exclusive ‘Lucky’ Drops New Trailer

It can sometimes feel like the Final Girl genre has been done to death, but sometimes a new film can come along and promise to breathe new life into the trope. Shudder’s new exclusive Lucky, directed by Natasha Kermani (Imitation Girl) and written by its star Brea Grant (After Midnight, 12 Hour Shift), promises to do just that.

Lucky puts us in the shoes of May (Grant), a successful self-help author who is also the unwitting target of the same mysterious man trying to kill her and her husband every night without fail. Of course, no one else seems to notice, and we expect to be thrown headfirst into a survival thriller by way of John Carpenter. Lucky is gearing up to be a breakneck mash-up of time loop mystery, home invasion tension and slasher thrills.

Lucky begins streaming exclusively on Shudder on March 4th in the UK, Ireland, US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Catch the new trailer below.


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