Romero’s Son to Write and Direct ‘Night of The Living Dead’ Prequel

This year we mourned the loss of a true titan of terror. George A. Romero changed the landscape of horror with seismic intensity, not only inventing the modern zombie with Night of The Living Dead, but also re-envisioning the vampire in Martin and re-invigorating the anthology format in Creepshow.

Of course, the Romero name is most readily associated with the zombie, a horror icon that he more or less invented out of whole cloth. Night of The Living Dead introduced us to zombies as shambling corpses, rather than the voodoo creations of previous films, and sparked a global obsession that continues to this day.

It’s heartening to know that the Romero legacy will live on, as his son Cameron has just announced that he will be writing and directing a prequel to Night of The Living Dead, and will settle the question of Romero zombie provenance once and for all.


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