New Teaser and Clips for ‘Unfriended: Dark Web’ Revealed

2014’s found-footage horror Unfriended was a tale of teenage friendship, cyberbullying and a vengeful Facebook ghost. We can expect the sequel, Unfriended: Dark Web, to be a little different, as the title implies the film will be delving into darkest depths of the internet. As the brand new teaser revealed by BH Tilt shows, the sequel will revolve around blackmail, kidnapping and torture.

The sequel’s synopsis reads:

A teen comes into possession of a new laptop and soon discovers that the previous owner is not only watching him, but will also do anything to get it back.

Unfriended: Dark Web is written and directed by Stephen Susco (The Grudge 1 and 2, Texas Chainsaw 3D) in what will be his directorial debut. Colin Woodell (Unsane), Rebecca Rittenhouse (The Mindy Project), Chelsea Alden (13 Reasons Why), and Betty Gabriel (Get Out) star as the centre of their friendship group who become embroiled in one man’s disturbing scheme.

As well as the teaser, a couple of clips have made their way online via Bloody Disgusting. Check them out below:

While the first film was a huge financial success, grossing a mighty $64 million at the box office, the critical reception was mixed. Many praised it for doing something new with the found-footage genre and subverting many of its cliché tropes, while others criticised it for its unsympathetic characters and found the many shifting tabs and windows screen-crowding and distracting.

The sequel looks like it’s moving away from ghosts as a premise, instead centring around a more Saw-like look at what dedicated human evil can do with just a few elaborate death traps. This might be a good choice, as there’s now a plethora of techno-supernatural horror films, and the dark web remains a largely untapped potential source for scary movies.

Unfriended: Dark Web arrives in UK cinemas this August.


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