‘Child’s Play’ Reboot Set to Begin Production This September

Child’s Play is one of many 80s horror films which have stood the test of time, at least as far as popularity is concerned, and murderer turned creepy doll, Charles Lee Ray (a.k.a. Chucky), is one of the most recognisable villains in the genre.

With this in mind, MGM are set to bring back the franchise with a reboot of the original film, reportedly following a group of kids who have to contend with a technologically advanced doll. This sounds suitably wacky for a remake of a classic horror film, and although this kind of approach doesn’t always work out, it’s good to see that Norwegian director Lars Klevberg is looking to be inventive.

The script will be penned by Kung Fury 2’s Tyler Burton Smith, with It producers David Katzenberg and Seth Grahame-Smith also lending their hands to the project, which is currently scheduled to go into production in September.

Further details regarding the film are sparse at this time, but it appears as though Don Mancini’s television series of the same name will be unaffected.

For fans of Child’s Play, this is likely to be interesting news, and although the film doesn’t have a lot of star power behind it, there’s every chance that it could be a fun nostalgic horror movie if it’s treated with respect.


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