Neil Gaiman Reveals Stunning New Cover For US Paperback Edition of ‘Norse Mythology’

Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology release in February 2017 was an immediate hit. The multi-award winning author applied his undeniable skill for fantasy writing to some of mythology’s most enduring legends.

The book brought a new life to the tales of Thor and Odin and Loki and Freya, with the most gripping and fascinating stories of the Norse gods taking on a new life at Gaiman’s hands. He has tackled both the most widely known tales and those that are less popular, infusing each one with the same vibrant character and vivid description as worldwide audiences have come to expect from his writing.

Norse Mythology has received consistently high reviews from both public audiences and critical reviewers alike and has seen enormous sales around the globe.

A new paperback edition is due for released in the US on March 6th 2018. Earlier today, Gaiman took to Instagram, in amongst Good Omens teasers and pictures of his adorable toddler, to reveal an exclusive look at the stunning new cover design.

Fans from around the world are already eager for the release, with many avid readers excited about adding the beautiful new cover to their collection of existing Norse Mythology copies. As well as gorgeous collector’s piece, this cover would make for a beautiful addition to any bookshelf, on top of the wonderful stories within.

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