Neil Gaiman is Posting Some Awesome ‘Good Omens’ Sneak Peeks on Instagram!

An adaptation of some form for Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’s collaborative novel Good Omens has been under consideration for many years.

A television adaptation has been rumoured since as early as February 2011 and was confirmed in March of the same year on Neil Gaiman’s website. In 2012, Terry Pratchett’s daughter established Narrativia, a production company that would produce a film based on Good Omens, among other projects honouring her father’s work. A radio series was aired in April 2015. In November 2017, a development reading of Good Omens: The Musical was staged in Sydney, Australia.

In April 2016, Neil Gaiman officially announced that he was writing the scripts for a six-part television series following the wishes of his late collaborator.

The “comedic apocalypse” miniseries has now been picked up by Amazon and the BBC and will be released on Prime Video in 2018.

With one of the original writers at the helm of the project, this promises to be one of the most exciting adaptations yet. And following the success of Gaiman’s American Gods, the series is already hotly anticipated by fans around the world.

Production is currently underway, with Michael Sheen and David Tennant starring in the lead roles and a host of other national (and international) treasures cropping up in rest of the cast. Gaiman himself is acting as a show-runner.

Although only a limited amount of information about the series has been officially announced, Gaiman has been proudly offering his fans sneak peeks of all the antics occurring on set via his social media pages.

Interspersed with stunning and touching images of his wife’s performances, his young son’s milestones and even some of his 57th birthday snaps, Gaiman has shared some of the highlights of production so far. The pictures range from the eerie to the awesome, the creepy to the beautiful. They include the writer himself brandishing a flaming sword, a gorgeous Bentley and a fireball in the shape of a chicken.

There are even some behind the scenes snaps, such as the special edition clapperboard they made up to mark their 666th slate.

All of them are deliciously tantalising and some are even quite lovely, with Gaiman contemplating what his old friend would think of the evolving show.

To keep up with all the latest developments, make sure you check out Gaiman’s Instagram and Facebook feeds!

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