‘Morbius, The Living Vampire’ Movie Announced: A Step in the Right Direction for Sony?

Production is underway for next year’s Venom, the first of Sony’s expanded Spider-Man cinematic universe, but that has not stopped another film in the series from being announced: Morbius, The Living Vampire. In Marvel comics, Dr. Michael Morbius was a biochemist whose experiments with vampire bats mutated him into Morbius the Living Vampire and made him a nemesis of Spider-Man. Through his comic appearances he would go on to fight Blade and become a hero in his own right.

Morbius’ will be the third film in Sony’s cinematic universe, after Venom in 2018 and the Silver Sable/Black Cat team-up movie Silver and Black in 2019. With this newest announcement, it would seem that Sony are choosing to focus their efforts on darker characters and the more mature stories in their repertoire.

Though Sony’s choice of characters here might seem random, it actually makes a lot of sense. 20th Century Fox has perhaps the most similar situation to Sony in regard to each studios’ rights and use of Marvel properties. Both Deadpool and Logan were R-rated and focused on individual characters, with a host of periphery characters from the woodwork of comics’ lore also brought into the mix. Those two films were each more lucrative than X-Men: Apocalypse, Fox’s more typical superhero fare released between them. Fox has continued to diversify its product with mutant-teen-horror New Mutants on the way early next year, and it makes a lot of sense that Sony would want to follow suit.

reports that Burk Sharpless and Matt Sazama will pen the script for the Morbius movie. No director is currently attached to the project, nor a release date.

Sharpless and Sazama also wrote the Power Rangers reboot released earlier this year. Power Rangers was notable for its focus on its five central characters’ stories and relationship, privileging those over and before the CGI-action of the film’s climax. It will be interesting to see if Morbius, The Living Vampire has a similar focus.


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