Mischa Barton and Denise Richards Set to Star in Tom Nagel’s ‘The Toybox’

The first trailer for supernatural thriller The Toybox has dropped, starring Mischa Barton (The Sixth Sense), Denise Richards (Starship Troopers) and Katie Keene (ClownTown).

The film tells the story of an estranged family who embark on an ill-fated trip across America in their RV. As you might expect given the trappings of the genre, the family soon become stranded in the scorching desert before learning that their RV holds awful, haunting secrets. To compound their misery a supernatural entity then proceeds to pick them off one by one, making for the ultimate holiday from hell.

The premise is undeniably simple but it’s also brimming with potential, with the first teaser featuring some truly horrific imagery. There’s also a wonderfully campy vibe to the trailer, something which you might expect given the film’s playful title.

Richards stars as the mother of the family, while Barton plays a traveller who inexplicably joins them along the way. Barton’s character description will immediately raise suspicion from any seasoned horror fan, but we’ll have to wait and see to find out if she has something to do with the strange goings-on.

The Toybox will be directed by Tom Nagel from a script by Jeff Denton, with the film currently set for release on June 19th 2018 in theatres and VOD, according to its official Facebook page.



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