Get 20% Off Award-Winning Horror Platformer ‘Typoman’ on Nintendo Switch Until March 8th

The award-winning puzzle platformer that plunges you into a dark magical world  you control using only your words, Typoman has been a huge hit since it was first released in August 2016.

The game gives you the “Power of Words in the everlasting battle between good and evil”. You, as an adorable HERO made of letters, can change the world around you using words – both for the better and the worse.

You have to traverse a grim and hostile land, using your words to shape the environment around you to restore hope to a desolate place.

PrBuvrWvMc1N2NTz0hWtG2OrSOqy7X5V.jpgThe creative use of letters as aspects of your environment, plus the combination of 2D platform gameplay and puzzles in the form of anagrams make Typoman a singularly unique and clever game. It offers a beautiful – if terrifying, at times – setting and an unusual approach to the puzzle platformer that really makes you think.

It has been available for a while to play on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Wii U, and on 22nd February 2018, it was also released on Nintendo Switch.

m5-HxU03r6iwmw_R6bZ9GTfet415W9Mm.jpgThe Switch edition of the game is a revamped and revised version of the game that was previously released on the Wii U. It includes two additional mini games as well as added story collectibes. The visuals have been improved since its latest incarnation, making good use of the Switch’s stellar graphics capabilities, along with enhancements to many platforming sections. Some of the puzzles from the previous version have been improved, with others being replace completely with better challenges.

Boss battles are bigger and the solutions to various puzzles have become more diverse, with the Wordscrambler functionality being refined to be more effective in gameplay.

Until March 8th, Typoman is on offer when purchased via the Nintendo eShop for an extremely reasonable £7.99, which is 20% off its full retail price of £9.99.


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