‘Locke and Key’ Will Meet ‘Sandman’ in Halloween Horror Comic Crossover

IDW and DC comics are planning to give us a gift this Horrorchristmas (Halloween, to normal people), with a crossover event for two critically-lauded comic properties. In Locke & Key: Hell & Gone, Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez‘s world will collide with Neil Gaiman‘s Sandman universe.

The announcement comes Just after the release of the Netflix adaptation of Locke and Key. Although the series was stylish and accomplished, it played it frustratingly safe with the more complex and gritty aspects of the source material. At its worst, it felt like a supernatural version of Riverdale, and that’s Sabrina‘s job.

It’s encouraging to see that even though the TV adaptation was a bit timid, the comic’s original creators are still more than willing to experiment and push the envelope.

Rodriguez tweeted, “The thing we like the most about the meeting of the #SandmanUniverse with the #LOCKEandKey mythology is that @joe_hill and I got to that because of a meaningful story idea, and not the other way round. We’re hoping to deliver something proper.”

Hill posted on Instagram, “We’ve been talking about this for a couple years now and I’m so glad it’s actually happening. Big thanks to @neilhimself for inviting us to play in his house of dreams. Look for it in October. @gr_comics@chris_ryall@jayfotosstudios and I are gonna work hard as we can to make it something special.”

Check out the official cover art below.



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