Let the Games Begin (Again): ‘Saw’ Number 9 is Being Discussed

As if the first 7 Saw films (and one Jigsaw) weren’t harrowing enough, we learn that there are talks between Lions Gate and Twisted Pictures for number 9.

The twists, turns and terrifying traps Saw has treated us to over the last 13 years have not been for the faint-hearted. Regularly described as “torture porn” by critics, Saw has exploded across the world of horror, leaving bits of itself everywhere. Whether someone has seen the films or not, they will usually have an opinion on it. That, coupled with 2018’s Jigsaw addition, which made a cosy $38m at the box office, the Saw franchise is arguably one of the most successful controversial films of our time.

As if the prequels, sequels, sub-plots and 3D motion picture weren’t enough to leave us spinning, John Kramer, “the Jigsaw Killer” is even raised from the dead in order to continue his persecution of the damned (and the never-ending franchise). We rapidly switch between the past and present throughout the series, and that’s before we are even introduced to the sidekicks and snitches.

Saw (2014)

There is however, an undeniable pattern to the Saw franchise which creates a desirable familiarity. There will always be the precarious police officer, a woman in love with the notion of The Jigsaw Killer, and a character (or five) that you aren’t too sorry to see get demolished. For these reasons, it will always be a little nostalgic.

Whilst considered a serial killer, Jigsaw never actually technically killed anyone. The theme of “reaping what you sew” and self-induced karma is what Jigsaw thrives on. He himself justifies his actions by giving the immorally condemned abductees a chance to truly appreciate life. This is only achieved by them confessing and taking responsibility for their atrocities, in a bid for self-enlightenment, which is their key to freedom. With this in mind, it will be interesting to see what kind of direction a 9th film will take.

Keep your eyes peeled for a new Saw trailer that will no doubt be appearing soon!


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