Kratos Possibly Set to Face Mayan, Egyptian Mythology in Future ‘God of War’ Games

The conclusion of God of War III in 2010 saw series protagonist Kratos execute the last of Mount Olympus, thus ending his ritual slaughter of the pantheon that began with the titular Ares in the series’ first instalment in 2005. Since then, fans have received two more prequels in the series, God of War: Ghost of Sparta in 2010 for the Playstation Portable and later Playstation 3 and God of War: Ascension in 2013 for the Playstation 3. It is not until this year that Kratos’ story is finally getting continued, in the new God of War set amidst Norse mythology. But what’s next?

Shannon Studstill, the Head of Studio at Sony Santa Monica, explained to Game Informer why the new game finally moved on from Greek mythology:

“What became apparent to me was that we were watching this franchise wane a bit. It was getting old. The storyline with Kratos being the hardcore badass – I think people were starting to say, ‘What next?’ I felt like, in order to reinvent, we really needed to turn a lot of things around.”

God-of-War-Game-For-PC-Free-Download-3.jpgCory Barlog, director of God of War, also suggested where the team might take the series next:

“The Greek games were the Greek era of God of War. Moving on, the next mythological belief system he interacts with became the Norse era of God of War. But we may end up going on to the Egyptian era and the Mayan era and so on and so forth.”

Barlog in fact let on at E3 2016 that half of the team working on the new game had made significant moves into developing an Egyptian setting for a new installment before the decision was made to switch to pit Kratos against Norse mythology.

godofwarThe original God of War game for the Playstation 2 actually set up potential sequels in short clips as unlockable extras. Two of these clips, “Secret Revealed” and “Birth of the Beast”, were in fact adapted into the story of Ghost of Sparta. The third and final clip, “The Fate of the Titan”, depicted the bones of a fallen titan Cronos in the desert, and the temple of Pandora on his back. With the temple containing secrets still to be discovered, explorers from modern day eventually rediscover it. An instalment set in modern day would be a radical departure from what the series has produced so far, but one we’d like to see.

Any future instalments rely on the success of the next. God of War will be released for the Playstation 4 this year.


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