Jamie Lee Curtis Prepares for a Final Showdown in ‘Halloween’ Reboot

John Carpenter’s Halloween is making a comeback in 2018, this time written and directed by David Gordon Green. Fans can look forward to re-visiting Smith Groves Sanatorium, the notorious infirmary that Michael Myers first escaped from in the 1978 horror classic.

Halloween has previously treated its audience to various prequels and sequels throughout the franchise’s history, with even metal-head Rob Zombie taking a stab at it.

This year, Jamie Lee Curtis will star once again as the iconic Laurie Strode. The impending film release conjures up a lot of nostalgia of the infamous maniac Myers, who has now escaped from an asylum to inflict his grisly and violent revenge upon Laurie, in the ultimate story of the one that got away.

The upcoming reboot will also star Virginia Gardner, Judy Greer, Will Patton and Nick Castle.

Halloween (2018) hits cinemas in October 2018. We’ll bring you more updates as we hear them!


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