Guillermo Del Toro Claims He Saw a UFO… and Wasn’t Impressed

Oscar-nominated filmmaker Guillermo del Toro (Hellboy, Pan’s Labyrinth) has shared a story about a UFO he once sighted, and what makes his story particularly exciting is that he claims the UFO chased him. Toro relayed the anecdote whilst promoting the release of his latest film The Shape of Water. He did point out that he thinks the story makes him sound like a lunatic, but that didn’t stop him taking issue with how “crappy” the spacecraft looked! Typical director!

“I know this is horrible… You sound like a complete lunatic, but I saw a UFO. I didn’t want to see a UFO. It was horribly designed. I was with a friend. We bought a six-pack. We didn’t consume it, and there was a place called Cerro del Cuatro, Mountain of the Four, on the periphery of Guadalajara. We said, ‘Let’s go to the highway.’ We sit down to watch the stars and have the beer and talk. We were the only guys by the freeway. And we saw a light on the horizon going super-fast, not linear. And I said, ‘Honk and flash the lights.’ And we started honking.”

He added:

“[it] went from 1,000 meters away [to much closer] in less than a second — and it was so crappy. It was a flying saucer, so clichéd, with lights [blinking]. It’s so sad.”

The unfortunate design did not stop Del Toro feeling a bit of fear though! He concluded:

“[it] was so primal. I have never been that scared in my life. We jumped in the car, drove really fast. It was following us, and then I looked back and it was gone.”

We’ll leave this one there – what more can be said? It does feel like UFO sightings are all the rage at the moment. Earlier this week, news outlets were set ablaze with the news that two US Navy pilots spotted a peculiar object in the sky whilst on a training mission – and they even go it on video. Do go and check it out – whatever it is, it’s certainly odd and makes for an intriguing story!


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