First Trailer For Richard Stanley’s ‘The Color Out of Space’ Promises to Blow Minds and Take No Prisoners

Few announcements in the world of horror have excited us as much as the news that cult filmmaker Richard Stanley would be settling back into the director’s chair. When we learned that the project would be produced by the team behind blood-soaked fever dream Mandy, would star legendary lunatic Nicolas Cage and would be an adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft, we were practically beside ourselves.

Today we were given our first glimpse of Richard Stanley’s The Color Out of Space. We can now confirm that yes, it looks gloriously mental and yes, writing Colour without a U does cause us physical discomfort.

This ambitious attempt to update one of Lovecraft’s most enigmatic stories, about a meteorite that brings some cosmic weirdness crashing to earth with it, wouldn’t be complete without some Richard Stanley eccentricities. From the trailer we can see that a pack of llamas will be making an appearance, along with a cameo from mythical stoner Tommy Chong.

It’s all par for the course from the director who claims that he was raised by an ancient family of British witches, and we’re over the moon at the prospect of seeing what he comes up with.

Check out the trailer below:


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