David Slade to Direct ‘Dark Harvest’ Adaptation

Norman Partridge‘s award-winning 2006 novel, Dark Harvest, is a visceral, dark fairy tale. Reading it has become a yearly Halloween ritual for its army of fans. Reminiscent of Ray Bradbury and Shirley Jackson‘s The Lottery, the novel has a timeless feel that has made it an instant classic. Last October, it was announced that Dark Regency had acquired rights to the novel, and we’re very excited to hear that horror veteran David Slade is now due to helm the upcoming adaptation.

Director David Slade

With past work including Hard Candy and 30 Days of Night, Slade enjoys a reputation for producing intelligent and stylish horror. Also attached is writer Michael Gilio, who has also worked on Paramount‘s upcoming Dungeons & Dragons project.

The Bram Stoker award-winning novel is set in a small midwestern town, where teenage boys square off with October Boy, AKA Ol’ Hacksaw Face, AKA Sawtooth Jack, a knife-wielding murderer.

This is not a simple story of rural hack and slashery, but the centre-piece of a bizarre annual ritual for the town’s inhabitants. Killing the October Boy may be the only way out of this literal dead-end town for our heroes.

We’re extremely intrigued to see what David Slade’s take is on this twisted fantasy.


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