David Ayer to Develop Stephen King’s ‘The Bone Church’ for TV

Despite turning 70 last year, Stephen King‘s creative output is more abundant than ever.

He has a new novel coming out this May and, despite being resistant to adaptations in the past, has seen a massive boom in screen versions of his work recently. IT: Chapter 2 is on the verge of production, after the new film adaptation revived the story for audiences old and new. Gerald’s Game and 1922 both met with resounding success when released on Netflix.

It has now been announced that Cedar Park Entertainment, the brainchild of David Ayer and Chris Long, will be taking on King’s narrative poem, The Bone Church.

First wrote in the 1960s, the poem was later revised and published as part of an anthology of short fiction called The Bazaar of Bad Dreams.

150813110305-04-amazon-fall-books-super-169.jpgThe story is narrated by three adventurers, telling their horrific tale to anyone who will buy them a drink in exchange. It takes places after their return from an expedition into a vast and unforgiving jungle in search of the legendary Bone Church. What they found there is the kind of horror that only Stephen King can truly recreate in words. Suffice it to say that the three survivors had initially set out with a crew of 32.

The decision to make a series out of this story seems like a wise decision, particularly given how rich with information King’s work often is. Chris Long has worked with King before on the enormously well received series Mr Mercedes.

The Bone Church will be the second television series created by Cedar Park Entertainment, after the Starz drama Family Crimes.

It will be interesting to see how the project progresses. The Bone Church is very different to Cedar Park’s previous projects and David Ayer’s most recent releases have had somewhat mixed responses.

However, Long’s previous collaboration with King has been hugely popular and it will be worth keeping an eye on how this new one develops.


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