‘Dark Universe’ Producers Abandon Franchise

Dark days lie ahead for Universal’s Dark Universe as the architects and showrunners Alex Kurtzman and Chris Morgan abandon ship and ditch the franchise.

It was planned to be an interconnected monster movie franchise (in much the same way that the Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise is all intertwined). But alas, it was doomed. Even with blockbuster stars and Oscar-nominees Russell Crowe, Johnny Depp and Javier Bardem due to star in the franchise as Dr Jekyll, the Invisible Man and Frankenstein’s Monster respectively, it appears that it may be dead before it even got the chance to get going.

Despite this set-back, Universal are (for some reason) staying strong and are exploring their other options. This includes the possibility of offering the monster movies to high end producers and directors as stand-alines, i.e. not connected. This may be the best route as fans were already critical of the Marvel-like approach (action and adventure-heavy stories that are all part of the same universe) and the lack of respect for classic horror roots.

All we can say is that we are thankful that we have Del Toro’s The Shape of Water to fuel our horror needs for the time being!


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