‘Attack of the Southern Fried Zombies’ Set for North American Release

The delightfully named Attack of the Southern Fried Zombies was an audience favourite at this year’s Fantastic Horror Film Festival in San Diego, being named the ‘Goriest Film’ – quite the accolade to receive at a horror fest! Directed by Mark Newton, this quirky zombie flick has just been snatched up by Gravitas Ventures and is set for a wider North American release in March 2018.

The film’s story begins when the testing of an experimental herbicide – Quadoxin –  goes horribly wrong and wrecks the population of a small-town in Mississippi. According to IMDB, Lonnie, a crop duster pilot, must lead a mismatched group of survivors to escape the deadly zombie horde after the Quadoxin transforms the citizens of the small town into zombies.

Described as a ‘fun ride’ and a ‘unique twist to the zombie film genre’ by Gravitas Ventures, Southern Fried Zombies started life as Kudzu Zombies – kudzu being an invasive plant in the U.S. We’re assuming that’s where the experimental herbicide and our heroic crop duster comes into the story. Thank god they changed the name; there’s no way ‘kudzu’ was ever going to catch on.

Still, the general premise does sound quite fun, and assuming the movie doesn’t try to take itself too seriously, it could be an enjoyable one to watch. Hopefully it will make its way across the pond and we’ll get a release in the UK at some point in the future.

The film stars Timothy Haug, Moses J. Moseley (The Walking Dead), Wyntergrace Williams (This Just In), Megan Few, Escalante Lundy, Kaitlin Mesh, and Clay Acker. Jonathan Thornton leads on makeup and special effects, which is something we’re particularly interested in seeing, as this was what apparently made the film the goriest at Fantastic Horror.


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