‘Dark Tower’ TV Series Could Start Shooting This Summer

The Dark Tower was an underwhelming cinematic experience which did a disservice to the source material. As a result, a proposed TV series based on Stephen King’s series of novels has been up in the air for a while now.

However, today we have some positive news regarding the project, as Omega Underground have reported that the series is set to begin “sometime this summer in both Ireland and the United Kingdom”.

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The Dark Tower (2017)

At this point in time the rumoured start date is just speculation, but the idea of a Dark Tower television series is something to get excited about. The format of the book series lends itself to the small screen and the story is rich with interesting characters, so any progress in the show’s development is welcome.

Whether or not the series will match the quality of the books as opposed to the film is yet to be seen, but for now we can look forward to a long-form on-screen adaptation at some point in the future.


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