‘Cognition’ Full Story Kickstarter Launches a Day Early

Years since the first issue in the series was released, the occult horror with a steampunk aesthetic Cognition is finally coming to an end. The Kickstarter campaign for the third and fourth issues, which will bring this first arc to its conclusion, was launched ahead of schedule.

It was due for release on the 2nd May, but instead went live a day early.

For anyone unfamiliar with the story so far, creator Ken Reynolds released the prequel issue Cognition #0 for free a few weeks before the campaign was launched. It is still available to download for anyone who wants to familiarise themselves with the story world before committing to buying the full tale.

This Kickstarter will fund the publication of the final two issues in the initial series. People who are already collecting the comics can get digital editions of the last two for as low a pledge as just £2.

More generous backers can get their hands on print copies, art postcard sets, patches and t-shirts, along with a lot of other cool merchandise. As well as a lot of new releases, the campaign is also offering people a chance to get their hands on some of the stuff brought out along with the earlier comics.

A full set of print editions can be your for the incredible price of £18.

Aspiring comic creators can also get the expertise of the team, with some of the higher pledges including reviews and editorial feedback of your own comics and stories. For an investment of £150, you can even have Ken Reynolds do the lettering for your own comic.

Less than a day old, and the campaign has already raised close to a third of its £2,950 goal.

You can check it out for yourself here!

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