Catherine S. Nuza Announces New ‘Raven’s Peak’ Novella Series

An author that specialises in psychologically disturbing tales, Catherine S. Nuza has written stories throughout her life that frame her experiences of the world. The unique lens through which she portray the dark and twisted gives her work a chilling, yet distinctly human, edge.

With a handful of popular novels under her belt, Nuza’s work spans both poetry and fiction. Her recent trilogy explored the idea of revenge through the eyes of a psychopath. She has now announced a return to the setting of one of her earlier works, Raven’s Peak, in the form of a new novella series she will be releasing soon.

37104435_664775820539035_6453610046424088576_n.jpgIt will follow the tale of a young vampire named Jake Fonteine, who becomes entangled in an ancient conflict after he is violently thrown into a grim new world. A classic Romeo and Juliet tale, Jake is in love with a blood witch – a being with a history of war against vampires.

The story of Jake, his beloved and his clan, the Toran, will begin with The Rose.

A series of novellas will follow as Jake comes to terms with what it really means to be a vampire, with his immortal death and his hatred for his maker. He must deal with all of this while his species hangs over the brink of a fiery war, with the fledgling vampire trapped in the centre, struggling to regain his humanity.

You can find out more about the Catherine S. Nuza and her books on her official website.


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