‘Binding of Isaac: Four Souls’ Kickstarter Reaches Over $1.2M with 2 Weeks to Go

Just an hour and a half into the launch of its Kickstarter campaign, Binding of Isaac: Four Souls smashed its first goal of $50,000. With a little under two weeks left to go before the campaign ends, it has now exceeded $1.25 million. It can only be assumed that this will get even higher over the next couple of weeks.

Made by the team that gave the world the original Binding of Isaac game, along with other smash hit releases including Super Meat Boy, this project marks their first venture into the tabletop genre.

Binding of Isaac: Four Souls centres around a number of characters familiar to fans of the original game, including Judas, Cain, Maggie, and of course, Isaac himself. Like their digital counterparts, each one starts with their own unique starting item and ability.

The game is designed to be played by two to four players and is semi-cooperative. In the early stages of the game, you work together to develop your skills and strength to defeat monsters and earn souls. The first player to collect four souls wins the game.

This is where the ‘semi-cooperative’ element of the game comes in as, inevitably, players will begin to turn on each other in their race to collect the necessary souls to win.

The base game, available for a starting pledge of $25, comes with a rulebook, the four character cards and their four accompanying starting item cards. It also has 100 loot card, 100 monster cards, 100 treasure cards and 100 pennies, as well as one six-sided and one eight-sided dice.

For a pledge of $5, you won’t get the game itself, but you will receive some digital poop for your trouble.

Higher pledges offer exclusive game mats, t-shirts, collectible figures and, if you’re prepared to splash out $1,666, a custom made card in the game based on a theme or person of your choice.

Throughout the Kickstarter campaign, the team behind it have approached the project with their usual dark sense of humour. They regularly posted challenges via To Do Lists that started with fun challenges for fans to draw characters or dress up as them and were fully completed with each new milestone in terms of backers and pledges.

The campaign still has 12 days left to go before it comes to end, and you can back it here.


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