7 Dark and Hilarious Podcasts Your Ears Will Thank You For

The squid watches you, feeble humans. He watches from his undersea fortress (using the power of his unfathomable brain) as you struggle, sniffling and wheezing through your winter commutes. Crammed into trains and busses like so many Pringles, breathing in each other’s germs and worrying about Christmas shopping.

This added stress, he knows, only serves to sour the meat. In his wisdom, therefore, he has had his underlings provide a list of podcasts, to gently soothe your aching minds. This way you remain succulent and tender for him when he eventually rises from the wine-dark sea. You’re welcome.

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The Parapod

1200x630bb.jpgComedians Ian Boldsworth (also known as Ray Peacock) and Barry Dodds explore the truth behind the paranormal, the mysterious and conspiracy theories.

Barry is the ardent believer while Ian is the sardonic cynic. We’d like to pretend it’s an epic battle of intellects, but it’s really closer to watching Mike Tyson slapping a puppy. However, it is by far one of the funniest podcasts out there, and listening to Barry’s ill-researched theories collapse under the weight of Ian’s common sense never ceases to be a joy. The podcast series is now over, but with a planned movie on the way, it’s a good time to get caught up.

The Last Podcast on the Left

oQILHzF.jpgWhen three comedians get together to discuss the macabre, with a focus on true crime, conspiracy and the supernatural, magic can happen. We guarantee that Last Podcast will provide you with some of the most inappropriate belly laughs you’ve ever had, as Henry Zebrowski provides hilarious improvisations on top of some gruesome and disturbing tales. What really impresses about Last Podcast, however, is the breadth of research that goes into each episode. For a comedy podcast, this one really goes deep on the topics it covers.

The Black Tapes

THE-BLACK-TAPES-PODCAST-2016-ICON.pngFrom Pacific Northwest Stories, The Black Tapes is a dramatised serial that expertly reproduces the style of podcasts like Serial and This American Life. It follows Dr. Strand, a James Randi/Richard Dawkins-type sceptic figure, whose institute will cough up some serious dough to anyone who can provide video evidence of the paranormal. So far all offerings have been expertly debunked, except for a few that still defy explanation… Proving that these black tapes are as fake as all the rest is going to take Strand to some very dark places. Rabbits and Tanis by the same company are also well worth exploring.


logo.pngFrom the bite-size ‘true’ stories of NoSleep to the official podcast of Nightmare Magazine, there are many fiction podcasts available in the horror genre, making it hard to pick just one for this list. For our money though, you just can’t beat Pseudopod for consistently excellent storytelling. The stories the podcast showcases are always fantastic, and the narrators professional and engaging. If you want to keep abreast of the latest voices in the genre then you can’t go wrong with Pseudopod.


2015-08-14-10.02.56.pngHaving spawned a book series, a live tour and a TV show, Lore is a project that proves this podcasting thing has legs. Aaron Mahnke’s podcast sets out to provide the facts that lie behind some of our culture’s deep rooted fears. Always well-researched and well presented, Mahnke delivers these tales in a haunting, mesmerising tone that is often more than a little unsettling. If you have an interested in fear and folklore, this is the podcast for you.


Shock-Waves-Logo-750x750.jpgAn official Blumhouse production, Shockwaves narrowly beats out the pack when it comes to the enormous landscape of film review/opinion horror podcasts. Combining recent news and reviews with horror discussion on a broad array of topics, the podcast also features occasional guest spots form industry insiders. Your hosts are a fun bunch, and the conversation Is both entertaining and informative.

This is Horror

This-Is-Horror-Logo-Main.jpgIf you enjoy your horror in written form, or have writerly aspirations of your own, then This is Horror has what you need. It features long-form interviews with horror writers sharing tricks of the trade and discussing their latest work, as well as the state of horror media today. This is Horror is all about genre fiction; what inspires it, how it works and the effects it can have. The guests always have something interesting to say about their work, and the hosts are insightful, always getting the best from their interviewees.


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