5 Eerily Unique Gifts For Fans of the Creepy and Macabre

Dedicated followers of horror know what they like and they stop at nothing to get it. Although it might feel like shopping for someone with such a proud passion might be easy, sometimes not knowing what they already have can be a painful roadblock.

But just because you’ve exhausted the range on Amazon doesn’t mean you have to give up. The work of dedicated creatives who put their time and effort into crafting unique gifts can be the gold you’re looking for. When someone has the creative drive and the same passion as any horror fan out there, it results in some truly incredible pieces that would take pride of place in any collection.

We’ve sifted through the endless sands of Etsy to find some of the precious gems it has to offer.


Inspired by everything from The Twilight Zone to serial killer Ed Gein, the Melancholy Dolly Shop has a great selection of gifts that any horror nerd will adore. Using the skills she developed as an Art Department Runner, Dolly Grey crafts brilliantly macabre pieces that are wonderfully convincing.

Along with a wide range of pop culture inspired voodoo dolls and jewellery, she also stocks a great range of vegan homeware made in the style of Ed Gein’s human leather furnishings. Everything is sculpted and painted by hand. This not only makes every piece unique, but also gives each one a stunningly personal look.

Whether you’re looking to frame a family photo in dead skin or want a creepy-cute Stranger Things key-ring, you’ll be spoilt for choice by the Melancholy Dolly Shop. If you’re after something a little more gruesome, check out her striking sculptures and mannequins complete with exposed innards.

Her dolls and key-rings start at as little as £5, with even the more intricate pieces only rarely surpassing £40 for a painfully affordable gift.

Maniac Masks

The go-to store for slasher fans, Maniac Masks began life with a handful of movie-accurate replicas of Jason Vorhees’ iconic hockey mask. Creator Jay Stead uses top quality materials to create beautiful and durable masks that have evolved over time to reflect his own creative vision, as well as the twelve masks worn during the now extensive Jason film series.

He eschews the cheap designs you’ll find in most fancy dress shops and promises a far sturdier and more accurate build than you’re likely to get elsewhere. His genuine passion for his craft is evident in every piece he makes, right down to the tiniest details and intense weathering.

As well as expanding his range of masks, Jay has also experimented with other props from classic horror films. These pieces included more of Jason’s attire – such as his jungle machete – and other unforgettable villains’ accessories and weapons, like Freddie Krueger’s signature blade and mask. As his fan base grows, Jay has invited requests for your favourite movie props and horror icons.

Prices start at as little as £25, with more complex weapons and masks reaching over £100.

Twisted Toybox Shop

Corrina Woolsgrove’s shop is rooted in a fierce love for all things horror and the macabre. Her collection of creepy yet cute toys for grown-ups present a gorgeous juxtaposition between the sweet innocence of childhood and the darkness and decay of death.

She sells a selection of haunting dolls inspired by every generation of horror, from creepy porcelain ladies, through evil clowns that pop out of boxes, to rotting zombie babies. She also creates all kinds of eerie homeware, spanning hanging decorations, spooky lanterns, little sculptures and ornaments and framed 3D pictures of skeleton fairies, corpse brides and other kooky creations.

The smaller ornamental pieces start at just a few pounds, with the larger and more inventive pieces reaching heights of around £6, but most of the selection sitting at a comfortable price range between £15 and £30.

Monster Kits

For the horror fanatic who likes to put their own personal touch to their collection, you couldn’t do better than one of Ricky Leach’s unique Monster Kits. The accomplished sculptor has crafted a number of the classic heroes and villains from horror cinema, as well as designing a range of original horror-inspired characters, that he has made available as resin model kits.

Ricky bases his designs on the skills he developed working in film and television effects creating creatures and monsters. In lending his skills to his own designs as much as he does to well known and loved characters, he allows his shop to appeal to anyone with even a passing interest in horror, sci-fi or fantasy. These sculptures promise to have a distinctly original touch, as they are all infused with a subtle sense of Ricky’s aesthetic symmetry and style. With time-honoured pieces ranging from Boris Karloff’s Frankenstein and Christopher Lee’s Dracula to Hammer Horror’s Peter Cushing, there’s something for everyone.

This means that not only will this gift provide a simultaneously iconic and unique addition to any collection of dark sculptures, but will also allow them to experience the creative process. It gives them a chance to get a practical feel for how their favourite characters come to life and to have a hand into their being.

These kits start at less than £30, with the more complex pieces reaching around £100.

Toybox of Gore

If the thought of a surprise baby on Christmas wasn’t terrifying enough, Kerri Wainwright’s Toybox of Gore will strike terror into the even the steeliest of hearts. Her range of “adorably grotesque” toys and dolls are inspired by horror imagery from throughout the ages.

As well as her classic Zombabies – baby dolls crafted in the style of rotting, decaying zombies, complete with clawed faces and dripping wounds – she crafts a selection of Creepy Beauty dolls that combine the delicate beauty of porcelain dolls with striking horror styles. Each has their own name and backstory, with a unique look inspired by a different era of horror.

With such a creative selection on offer, you’ll be sure to find something to appeal to the horror fan in your life. She even has a handful of smaller pieces including trinket dishes and candle holders that add a touch of artful gore to any display.

Pieces start at just £8, with even the most intricate items only rarely reaching £45.

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