Zak Bagans of ‘Ghost Adventures’ Purchases Charles Manson’s Personal Effects for His Las Vegas Museum

Here at Vampire Squid, we have a soft spot for Zach Bagans and the Ghost Adventures crew (Even Nick, who responds to almost every paranormal encounter by whining it into submission). Compared to the stilted charlatanism of the UK’s Derek Akorah, who has the uncanny ability to channel the spirits of the dead (whether or not they ever existed and always with the same Liverpool accent), Bagans’ brand of spook-seeking comes with a sense of showmanship and a wide-eyed earnestness that makes it instantly endearing.

We’re in two minds, however, on hearing the news that Bagans has purchased the effects of the recently deceased Charles Manson for inclusion in his personal museum, including the former cult leader’s dentures.

Benjamin Hager, Las Vegas Review-Journal

It’s a move that raises a whole bunch of ethical questions. On one hand, it’s invasive and demonstrates a lack of respect for the dead. On the other hand, this is Charles bloody Manson we’re talking about, a despicable character who demonstrated nothing but contempt for human life whilst alive. Furthermore, there are those that would argue that implying that Manson’s effects have a supernatural power that transcend his death is the ultimate means of glamourising his crimes.

The biggest question of all, and the most pressing, is this; will we watch Zach Bagans pretending to be scared of a pair of dentures for 20 minutes? The answer, of course, is hell yes.

Benjamin Hager, Las Vegas Review-Journal

Alongside the dentures, Bagans also purchased Manson’s handmade pentagram necklace and various other arts and crafts the infamous prisoner made while in Corcoran State Prison. Apparently these aren’t the first serial killer-related items Bagans has sourced for his museum – he also has John Wayne Gacy’s paintings, Ed Gein’s cauldron and items belonging to Richard Ramirez in his collection.

This isn’t the first time that Bagans has dipped his toe into the Manson pool, either. An episode of Ghost Adventures in which it was implied that actress Sharon Tate was haunting an apartment complex made for some very uncomfortable viewing.

The items will be on display at Bagans’ Haunted Museum in Las Vegas. It seems certain that an episode of one of Zach Bagans’ shows will no doubt revolve around them.


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