Trailer Drops for New British Horror ‘Ghost Stories’

A few years ago, a play made its way to the West End that was so notoriously scary that it publicised warnings advising against anyone under the age of 15 attending. That play was Ghost Stories, and it’s since been turned into a feature film starring Martin Freeman. The first full official trailer has just been unveiled.

Ghost Stories (2018)

Despite not being released until April, Ghost Stories is already being hailed as the best British horror in years. The plot revolves around arch sceptic Professor Phillip Goodman (Andy Nyman), a cynical TV personality that has made a career as a paranormal debunker. Goodman’s beliefs are challenged when he’s contacted by his mentor Charles Cameron, who has been missing for 15 years (and presumed dead). Goodman is tasked with investigating three cases of inexplicable hauntings that will take him on a terror-filled quest. The hauntings revolve around a night watchman working in an old factory, a teenage driver whose car breaks down and a business man who is awaiting the birth of his child.

Ghost Stories is directed by Nyman and Jeremy Dyson, who also wrote the original stage-play. Alex Lawther of Black Mirror also stars, alongside The Fast Show’s Paul Whitehouse and Evening Standard Theatre Award-winner Jake Davies. Freeman plays one of the characters involved in the cases – we’re assuming from the trailer that he’s the business man awaiting the birth of his child.

British cinema may not churn out as much horror as Hollywood, but when it does it tends to be pretty good. Overall, we’re pretty excited about this!


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