The Last Supper: ‘Boulet Brother’s Dragula’ Season 4, Episode 9 Recap

After leaving the final four – and an enraptured audience – on a brutally tantalising cliff-hanger, this week’s episode of Dragula pauses for a beat before the grand finale. The Boulet Brothers invite back every competitor from this season to reflect on their journey together in one last recap episode before their Next Drag Supermonster is crowned.

This episode comes in swinging. It opens with a fast-paced, punchy montage of the performers bickering and arguing. Unresolved issues between them are raised, teasing a resolution at last. Meanwhile, all-new behind-the-scenes secrets are hinted at in the first five minutes.

A respite from the high energy of the rest of the season, this week sees every contestant congregating with the Boulet Brothers in a single set having a simple discussion. This is intercut with clips from the show to refresh your memory.

Everyone looks stunning, wearing festive yet suitably spooky outfits to fit the theme of The Last Supper. Inspiration ranges from wise men to Christmas presents to reindeer.

The episode begins with clips from each contestant’s audition tapes. You get to see what the Boulet Brothers saw in making their decision to invite each performer to the competition. It’s really interesting to see how they present themselves in their tapes, compared to what we know of them now we’re at the tail-end of the season.

The first key discussion point is why each artist wanted to be involved. This triggers a lovely chat about everything from pushing themselves artistically and creatively, to the opportunity to represent their community on the Dragula platform. Betty makes some profound points about the crucial role of trans women in drag history, in comparison to how infrequently they appear on the biggest drag platforms, particularly televised ones.

This flows into conversation about identity, confidence and mental wellbeing in a way that raises some important points. It also paves the way for the performers to talk more in depth later on about mental health and how their vulnerability around their personal struggles can in turn be a tool they use to empower others.

The depth of the discussion is broken up with comic relief in the form of bloopers and outtakes. You get to see a sillier yet ultimately more human side of these larger-than-life characters.

Anyone who is awaiting closure on some of the drama between the queens this season will certainly want to watch this recap. Merrie Cherry and Sigourney Beaver dig into their beef and even find some quite moving spaces in which to bond. Bitter Betty and Jade Jolie talk out the conflict between them, and there is a very refreshing sense of cohesion amongst the entire cast by the end.

The Boulet Brothers are genuinely good therapists for their cohort. They guide the entire episode through the key points for discussion. For the most part, they let the performers talk as much as they need to and say everything they need to say. On the handful of times a conversation needs facilitating, it is handled gracefully.

The conversation is punctuated with regular breaks where ads might run on another platform. On Dragula, though, you see behind-the-scenes moments of producers rushing on set to offer the performers snacks, while the artists chat amongst themselves about how their memories of certain events differed from the recordings.

The episode culminates in an intense reveal about who will be going through to the next and final episode. The way this episode concludes puts everyone on solid footing to head into the finale in a healthy headspace, ready to see those last remaining performers shine their absolute brightest.


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