Stampede Ventures to Make Thriller Novel ‘This Red Fire’ into a Movie

Nicolina Torres’ thriller novel This Red Fire hasn’t even come out yet and it’s already lined up for a film adaptation. Producer Greg Silverman (Edge of Tomorrow, The One) snapped up the rights to the film from Inkshares’ Launchpad Contest, where new and aspiring authors can showcase their manuscripts and potentially be published.

The book, which will be published by Inkshares next Winter, has been compared to Insomnia  and described as “In Cold Blood meets Zodiac”. Set in rural Nebraska, the story is also said to be “brimming with heartland horror”. The book’s plot details below:

“One spring evening all of the residents in the rural town of Calliope, Nebraska are murdered. There are no witnesses and there were no calls for help.

The nearest police station is 30 miles away and Sheriff Evelyn Hartley has to bear the burden of the case. Hartley, a single mother who lost her child months before in a freak accident, becomes obsessed with finding the only two missing citizens of Calliope – a pair of young siblings. When the FBI pushes her out and talk of terrorism looms, Hartley has to work on her own to make sure it doesn’t happen again, somewhere else.”

This_Red_Fire_New_(2).jpgThe film adaptation will be the first project to come from Silverman’s new company Stampede Ventures. Silverman, who previously worked for Warner Bros. as President of Creative Development and Worldwide Production, had this to say about the novel:

“We have been searching and searching for a great franchise character. We are excited to have found Evie Hartley and this amazing first story, This Red Fire. With Seidelin Skov is a very special new voice who will adapt this with aplomb.”

It looks like Stampede Ventures is eager for a franchise to make their own, especially as they’re such a new company. Lucky for them, Torres has three more novels for the series already planned out: The White Man, The Brass Box and These Blue Shoes.


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