‘Snowpiercer’ TV Show Changing Station to TNT

The upcoming TV adaptation of Snowpiercer, the 2013 film by Boon Joon-Ho (pictured below), has moved back to where it was originally going to air. Earlier in the year, it was announced that Snowpiercer would be shifting from TNT to TBS, but this decision has been reversed. Kevin Reilly, the Chief Content Officer of HBO Max, and President of TNT, TBS and truTV, recently told Deadline, “Now that we’ve seen this incredible post-apocalyptic sci-fi series in its entirety, and better understand the audience this show will appeal to, we’re confident it will perform strongest on TNT.”

Snowpiercer is set to air in early spring 2020. The post-apocalyptic film posed fascinating and daring questions about class and society, which will certainly lend themselves well to a long-form style of storytelling in the jump from film to television. Currently the show is set for a two season run, and is being adapted by Graeme Manson, writer and producer of Orphan Black.

If you’re intrigued by what could be in store, then the film is a must-see, though it never got the popular praise it deserved. There is also an original source material – a French graphic novel called Le Transperceneige by Jacques Lob.

Watch the trailer for Snowpiercer here:

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  1. gasp65

    I do believe you’re doing writer Jacques Lob’s Transperceneige co-creator, Jean-Marc Rochette, a severe disservice by leaving him out… Lob was never a solo act, after all.


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