Nintendo Launches ‘Little Nightmares: Complete Edition’ on Switch with a Gloriously Creepy Trailer

First released just over a year ago on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, horror puzzle platformer Little Nightmares has developed an enormous cult following. Its eerie atmosphere and challenging tests of logic and ingenuity have captured the attention of gamers on every console.

And that’s not to mention the mysterious storyline and setting, pieced together across the original game and separate DLC that created a terrifying tapestry of greed, vanity and cannibalism.

You play as a hooded girl who goes only by the name of Six, as she tries to escape from the Maw, where she is in danger of being the next delicacy on the menu for the gluttonous guests who visit. In later content, you play as an equally mysterious character known only as the Runaway Kid, whose own attempt at freedom offers a different perspective on the story.

Each new installation released in the little series sheds new light on its more sinister elements. Fan theorists around the world pored over every frame of the separate chapters to hunt out every secret nestled into the background, matching up anything that looked familiar in an attempt to tease out the dark truth at the core of Little Nightmares.

Now, Nintendo has released a YouTube trailer to herald the launch of the collected edition on the Switch. The original game and all three pieces of DLC released between July 2017 and February 2018 are available for as little as £29.99 on the Nintendo eStore.

For anyone who has managed to miss the cult phenomenon that is Little Nightmares, the trailer plunges you immediately into the game’s dark and creepy world. Check it out below.



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