Nicolas Cage to Star in Lovecraft Adaptation ‘Color Out of Space’

Nic Cage, H.P. Lovecraft, Richard Stanley and the producers of Mandy. This dream team sounds like the idle fantasy of a cult horror enthusiast, but we are very excited to report that these seismic forces will be colliding this year. Principal photography is set to begin next month on Color Out of Spacea project that, based on the figures involved, looks set to be either a spectacular triumph or a beautiful disaster. We’re totally here for it either way!

Richard Stanley, the eccentric and engaging British director behind cult classics Hardware and Dust Devil, ran afoul of the studio system on what was meant to be his big mainstream hit, The Island of Doctor Moreau. Betrayed by producers, undermined by the egos of its stars and plagued with technical disasters, Stanley’s version of the H.G. Wells story was doomed from the start. The Color Out of Space will be his return to feature film making after an understandable 20-year hiatus.

Director Richard Stanley

Color Out of Space is one of H.P. Lovecraft’s most famous stories, detailing the appearance of a mysterious alien force that crash lands in a small town, warping all around it in unimaginable ways. It’s widely considered as being among the most unfilmable of Lovecraft’s back catalogue (which is replete with unfilmable stories). The thought of Stanley, practicing occultist and psychedelic experimenter, bringing his own idiosyncratic personality and creative skills to bear on that challenge has us very intrigued indeed.

Then there’s the casting. Fresh from the success of acid-drenched exploitation revenge extravaganza Mandy, Nicholas Cage is a genre favourite who may have just hit a new groove. With a filmography that famously varies wildly in quality, Cage would be well-advised to maintain his partnership with Spectrevision, whose choice to cast him in Mandy was extremely shrewd.

All-in-all, this is a project with all the elements necessary to elevate it to legendary cult status. We’ll be sure to keep you updated with new details as they emerge.

Mandy (2018)


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