Next Stop: ‘Train to Busan’! A New VR Horror Experience is Coming

Twon Sang-ho’s Train to Busan (2016) is rumoured to undergo a VR adaption – and we will never complain about our commute to work again. The highly revered zombie film is being transformed into a virtual reality video game in which hardcore gamers can interact with the living nightmare in real time.

Train to Busan sees divorced workaholic played by Gong Yoo board the KTX with his estranged daughter at Gwangmyeong Station. Unbeknown to him or the other passengers, a convulsing woman boards the train with a bite on her leg. Infection spreads quickly, sending passengers on a ravenous zombie spree, with no way to escape.

The intense Pan-Asian film, which also received an animated prequel in the shape of Seoul Station, “is to be adapted as virtual reality property,” Variety reports. The site also added, “It could be delivered as a piece of location-based entertainment, as well as a VR video game.”

Already regarded as one of the all-time greatest zombie flicks, there is more good news for fans, as Contents Panda have signed a contract with Vividthree Productions to adapt the film.

Charles Yeo, CEO of Vividthree, said:

“We believed in the possibilities because Train to Busan, a film that has mesmerized audiences in Asia and beyond, deserves to be adapted into a multisensory format. That would allow fans of the film to experience the zombie apocalypse action thriller in virtual reality.”

If that wasn’t enough, Train to Busan is also set to get an English-language remake!

2018 seems to be living up to its promise of great horror, and whilst we don’t have a release date for the VR experience, viewers and gamers alike can rejoice in its looming presence.



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