Netflix to Adapt Liu Cixin’s ‘The Three Body Problem’

Author Liu Cixin’s sci-fi trilogy The Three Body Problem has been picked up to become a Netflix Original series, with David Benioff and D.B. Weiss (Game of Thrones) said to be joining the fray, alongside executive producer Alexander Woo (True Blood).

The series will reportedly cover the trilogy, and although adaptations have been rumoured before, there are hopes amongst some fans that the HBO legends will pull it off. However, there is concern from Chinese fans about changes to the themes of the novel arising because it is a Western production.

The Three Body Problem, which is set against the backdrop of China’s Cultural Revolution, follows the story of an alien civilisation preparing to invade Earth. The novel tackles the themes of morality and human affairs, as people on Earth clash with their views on whether to allow the invasion to go ahead, or to fight back.


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