Neil Gaiman Encourages Fans to Find New Death Statue in Local Comic Book Stores

Shortly after midnight (London time), Neil Gaiman took to Facebook to announce the release of a new limited edition statue of his iconic character Death from the Sandman series.

The piece has been designed by Stanley ‘Artgerm’ Lau and intricately sculpted by Karen Palinko, resident creators with DC Comics, who have worked on many of their most famous characters. The sculpture is the latest in the DC Cover Girl series, which spans some of DC’s most iconic female heroes and villains.

This 3D incarnation of Death, standing at just over ten inches tall, sees the elegant woman decked out in her black Victorian garb, delicate roses hanging from her fingertips and her shoulders tipped proudly back. Her dark-rimmed eyes and little curl of a smirk give the sense that she is curious and watching.

While this sculpture would be a coveted addition to any statue collection, this release comes with something else to make it that bit more exciting: it is limited edition with only 5,000 pieces available. Given that Gaiman has almost 1,000,000 followers on Facebook, it’s safe to say that these statues won’t be around for long.

A lifelong supporter of local businesses, particularly independent book and comic shops, Gaiman included in his post a plea to his fans to support the local retailers that love comics as much as they do.

He posted, simply:

“There is a new Death statue out, in a limited edition of 5000. Here’s an Amazon link, but if you can, please buy it from your local comic shop.”

The statue is currently selling for around $100. Find it now on Amazon.


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