Mike Flanagan Branches into Sci-Fi Horror with ‘Season of Passage’ Adaptation

Despite mixed critical responses to some of his more recent projects, Mike Flanagan has cemented his reputation as a horror cinema mainstay. From the uncanny psychedelia of Oculus to the ghostly Haunting of Hill House, Flanagan has proved that he can adapt his style to some diverse strains of horror. For his next project, Flanagan is looking to the stars with a sci-fi horror hybrid focused on a manned mission to mars.

The project will be an adaptation of Christopher Pike‘s 1993 sci-fi horror novel The Season of Passage. The story concerns celebrity doctor Lauren Wagner, who volunteers to be a part of the US mission to reach the red planet. In true sci-fi horror style, they are not the first to attempt the passage, with the Russian crew that preceded them having mysteriously vanished without a trace.

Director Mike Flanagan

Best known for his pulpy YA novels, Pike’s books are engagingly chaotic, with an infectious energy. Full of ancient curses and stock characters battling space vampires, any adaptation of Season of Passage worth its salt is sure to be a riotous good time.

Flanagan will be directing the film from a screenplay he’s writing with James Flanagan. He’ll also be producing it with his Intrepid Pictures partner Trevor Macy. Plot details of the adaptation are being kept under wraps for now, with Pike himself acting as executive producer.


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