Marvel’s ‘Venom’ Completes First Two Weeks of Filming

The recent rise of superhero movies with morally ambiguous protagonists, like Suicide Squad and Deadpool, has laid down solid ground for the upcoming Marvel film Venom, set to release on October 5th 2018. Director Ruben Fleischer has officially announced that his team has already completed two weeks of filming.

The Spiderman spinoff is being produced by Avi Arad, Amy Pascal and Matt Tolmach, and will be inspired by horror movie giants John Carpenter and David Cronenburg. If this is the case, we can expect to see a darker, more gore-filled version of the character than we got in Sam Raimi’s Spiderman 3. With the hero’s suit being a symbiotic creature, we can also expect more body-horror as it bonds and fuses with his body.

While the film won’t feature Homecoming’s Peter Parker, it will be loosely set in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe.

Tom Hardy will star as the eponymous Venom, the dark mirror image of the wholesome Spiderman. It will also feature fellow symbiote-suited Carnage as the villain. While there are rumours of him being played by Riz Ahmed, the studio has stated that this isn’t true.

There are also rumours that the film will be based on the comic series Venom: Lethal Protector, which focuses the origin story on the five founding symbiotes. This has also not been confirmed, as the studio appears to want to keep as much information about the film under wraps as they can.

We don’t know much about his new film yet, but we can expect more information about it to trickle out over the next year. Production is surging ahead and evidently going in a darker direction. Fans who were irritated that Raimi’s Venom was barely in the movie should get excited for a more horrific and likely R-rated return to the screen.


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