Jordan Peele’s Company to Reboot ‘The Twilight Zone’ for CBS All Access

Following the success of CBS All Access’s revival of Star Trek: Discovery, the streaming video service has announced it will be building on the reboot will more new takes on classic television. As well as renewing Star Trek: Discovery for at least one more season, CBS Corp CEO Leslie Mooves has also announced that it will be creating an all new development on the iconic sci-fi anthology series The Twilight Zone.

The original series was creating by Rod Serling and was broadcast on CBS over the course of five seasons between 1959 and 1964. CBS has kept hold of the rights to the show ever since and feel that now is the right time for a revival. Although the show is still in its earliest pre-production stages right now, there are already some big names attached to the project.

Still feeling the success of Get Out, which certainly had Twilight Zone-esque themes, Jordan Peele is said to be involved, with the new show appearing under his production company Monkeypaw’s banner. However, it has not yet been revealed exactly what role Peele will play in the project.

It is also rumoured that the script will be written by Marco Ramirez, one of the creative minds behind some of the most popular contemporary dramas, including Netflix’s Daredevil and Sons of Anarchy. It has been reported that he will also serve as showrunner.

Given the success of both these creative talents, many people already have high hopes for the show. It also helps that the revival will be produced by the same company that released the original. This has proved one of the most consistent aspects among recent reboots that have been best received among both new and nostalgic viewers.


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