Get 15% Off At All Lovecraft Month

Bringing the iconic work of H. P. Lovecraft to fans of all ages, C Is For Cthulhu reinvents Lovecraft’s most famous Old One as a cute, cuddly character that helps your kid learn their ABCs.

Having started out as an alphabet book, the team behind the project have since expanded to offer colouring books, T-shirts, plush toys, story books and all kinds of other cool and adorable stuff. It indulges every child’s innate love of monsters and mythology in a way that won’t give them nightmares the way raw Lovecraft literature probably will.

As if there needed to be any proof that Cthulhu’s immortal power would truly never wane, C Is For Cthulhu has a global community of cultists. The books have been translated into multiple languages. They inspire children around the world with a love of cosmic horror and give grown-ups a way to reconnect with a more approachable side to the Old One.

In honour of Lovecraft March at Vampire Squid, C Is For Cthulhu has generously offered 15% off any order at for the full month of March.

Just enter the code VAMPIRESQUID at the checkout when you purchase your order to take advantage of our exclusive discount!


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