‘Friday the 13th: The Game’ Gets Axed

We’ll be blunt with this bad news: it looks like Friday the 13th: The Game is done. The game developers cannot add anything to the game, not so much as a blade of grass, thanks to on-going legal drama between Victor Miller, Horror Inc. and Manny Company.

A bitter lawsuit regarding who owns the rights to Friday the 13th has been on-going for sometime; on one side of the battle is Victor Miller, who wrote the story for the original 1980 film. On the other, Horror Inc. and Manny Company. Miller has been fighting to take advantage of a provision in copyright law that allows authors to terminate a grant of rights and reclaim ownership.

Wes from Gun Media took to the games’ official forum a couple of days ago, with a post called “Questions About Future Content.” Here’s the full text:

Sorry for the silence as of recent. It’s been a tough couple weeks, as I’m sure you’re aware. But I wanted to address a few questions that I’ve had sent to me personally, as well as questions we’ve received through the official F13 channels. These questions vary but all have a similar tone/request. “Is there a chance of any content being added to the game if a ruling on the dispute occurs in the near future?” The answer is no.

Development on games can’t just pause indefinitely and pick back up again; it doesn’t work that way. Especially when you have no idea when that future date will occur. We can’t keep building content that may never see the light of day. That’s bad business. I’ve also had questions about adding “non-F13” related content to the game. “Can’t you make a new level or a new counselor that has nothing to do with the films?” We can’t do that either. We can’t add any content, whatsoever. Nada. Not even a new tree or rock. We can only focus on console dedicated servers, bug fixes, and maintenance.     

I know this isn’t the news you wanted to hear and I wish the situation were different. But it’s the painful truth. I appreciate your passion and look forward to seeing everyone around camp.

By the sounds of it, this could be the end of post-release content for Friday the 13th, and for all intents and purposes, means that the game is done. Even if the legal business ends soon, the devs will have probably moved on; they’re not going to hang around when they can’t do any work.  It’s a real shame that tiresome legal drama has ruined something enjoyed by a solid fanbase.

Of course, if things do change, we’ll let you know!


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