First Trailer Released For Arcade Game Movie ‘Rampage’

Back in 1986 when video games were largely confined to arcades, one hit popular arcade game was Rampage: The game where you get to play as a gigantic monster and run through a city, destroying everything in your wake. Now over thirty years later, Warner Brothers is turning the game into a live action movie, which they have just released a trailer for. Though story was thin on the ground, the original Rampage had a unique take on the ‘monster’ genre.

The game turned the likes of Godzilla and King Kong on its head, having up to three players at a time take control of gigantic monsters to climb skyscrapers, gobble up soldiers and fend off helicopters. You’d think it would be difficult to make a movie out of a game with no plot or character development, but the studio has lined up Dwayne Johnson to star as Davis Okoye, a primatologist who shares an unshakable bond with his gorilla friend George. A genetic experiment goes awry, resulting in George becoming aggressive and rapidly growing to a massive size. In George’s rampage through the city he is joined by a giant wolf and a giant crocodile. David must team up with a genetic engineer (Naomie Harris) to stop them.

Alongside Johnson and Harris, the film will also star Malin Akerman (Billions), Jake Lacy (Girls), Joe Manganiello (True Blood) and Jeffrey Dean Morgan (The Walking Dead). The movie is produced by San Andreas team Beau Flynn, Brad Peyton and Hiram Garcia, with John Rickard joining them.



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