First Trailer For ‘Locke and Key’ Shows Mystery And Magic Afoot in Keyhouse

It’s always good to see a promising project claw its way out of a developmental quagmire. Locke and Key, the adaptation of the Eisner award-winning comics series from author Joe Hill, has been floundering for the best part of a decade. However, it now seems to have found its feet. With a new trailer out today and a scheduled release date on Netflix of February 7th, it looks like we might be heading to Lovecraft to spend some time with the Locke family.

Following the murder of their father the Locke family relocates to Keyhouse, an ancient manor which has been in the family for generations. Grappling with their grief, the three Locke siblings discover a series of magical keys that grant them powers, but a sinister force lurks beneath the house, and wants the keys for itself.

The three siblings Bode, Tyler and Kinsey are played by Jackson Robert Scott, Connor Jessup and Emilia Jones.

We were huge fans of the comics series, which blended familial drama and comedy with moments of genuine horror. We’re not entirely sold on the tone of the trailer, which has perhaps a little too much of a teen drama or Riverdale flavour, but first impressions are generally good. Hill has apparently written the first episode himself, so expect a bold mission statement of a first instalment when the series airs in February.


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