Explore a Post-Apocalyptic Paradise in Crowdfunded ‘Nightmarchers’ RPG

Developer Wyrmbyte’s exotic new RPG game Nightmarchers is edging closer to production thanks to the crowdfunding platform Fig.

The game takes place in beautiful Hawaii, but not as we know it. The tranquil holiday destination has been reduced to a desolate wasteland. Here, you embody the demigod Kai, who must face the brutal atrocities that a catastrophic Armageddon known as “great thunder” has stirred up in its wake. Players will encounter a host of characters ranging from survivors to paranormal entities. Interaction throughout your missions is imperative to complete them. Players are even given the ability to transform into various animals and converse with an array of mythical beings during their supernatural quest around the island.

https---playfig.s3.amazonaws.com-CampaignImage-image-campaign_media_item-2017-11-16-9f58517c-a520-4381-9337-5e4f3d01b908In addition to this, you must also face Kamapua the monstrous pig, who arises from his eternal slumber to raise his army of the undead and demonic beasts. You must fight in the war as he attempts to claim his place in this Kingdom of the abyss. But don’t worry – you’ll have a badass machine gun to help you raise hell.

https---playfig.s3.amazonaws.com-CampaignImage-image-campaign_media_item-2017-11-16-3ea41b27-ac78-442e-a87a-e8bc45177c1bIn the Hawaiian legend, “Nightmarchers” are the ghosts of the ancient island warriors. One the eve of Kane, Ku, Lono, Akua and Kaloa, it is believed that the spirits come forth from the graves to march out to past battles or other sacred sites. They are known to march at sunset and just before sunrise.

Although Wyrmbyte did not disclose the intention to release the game onto console, it will be available on PC pending its success via the crowdfunding. Check out the campaign here.


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