Do You Believe in ‘Ghost Stories’? Teaser Trailers Drop for New British Horror

A series of trailers dropped on Monday teasing Ghost Stories, a new British horror film with a great deal of potential, having already received a lot of praise from its debut at the London Film Festival. The film is an anthology of three creepy, supernatural cases which paranormal investigator Professor Phillip Goodman (Andy Nyman, also writer, director and creator) is investigating in an attempt to debunk them. However, these cases are unlike anything he’s come across before.

The film has been adapted by Nyman and Jeremy Dyson (The League of Gentlemen) from their hugely successful stage show of the same name, which was well known for creating an intense atmosphere and terrifying live scares. The stage show utilised its environment to create a sense of claustrophobia, adding to the tension, whilst using techniques such as preventing audience members from leaving or entering the theatre once the show had begun.

There is debate as to whether the film version will be able to deliver this same atmosphere, as the theatre production, being live, is a lot more personal and involving, providing a completely different experience for audiences. However, the trailers and reviews seem to hint that the subtler and more disturbing elements of the stories are highlighted much more in the film adaptation, which could result in an entirely different beast.

In addition to this, the film features a stellar cast including Martin Freeman, Paul Whitehouse and the excellent young talent of rising star Alex Lawther. They each play the unfortunate people who have experienced the horrific cases Nyman’s character investigates, adding a superb layer of acting quality to the mix, and making Ghost Stories all the more promising.

With a release date set for 2018, the upcoming British horror is looking like one to watch out for.



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