Director Patrick Brice Drops Hints at ‘Creep 3’

Director Patrick Brice’s Creep franchise is heading for a new instalment, a fact that will no doubt warm the hearts of the series’ many fans. Mark Duplass is due to reprise his role as the creepiest dude to ever invite you to his cabin in the woods, and this week we finally heard some hints from Brice about what shape the story will take.

“[We] finally found an idea that we’re really excited about,” said the director. “One of the things we want to keep true with these movies is that they’re… still small scale. Keeping that focus tight. Letting it be something that sort of orbits around Mark’s character. We’ve found something we’re really excited about.”

movies-on-Netflix-best-horror-movies-2017-Netflix-movies-Creep-2Although Brice seems committed to the claustrophobic, small-scale nature of previous Creep productions, he also hinted that the new film will be a more ambitious storytelling challenge:

“It’s a chance for us to do something I haven’t really seen in horror movies, let alone found footage movies.”

Brice indicated that the production was still in the writing stage, and was unable to provide any real details on when we will be able to see Creep 3, although he did say:

“We’re at the point where, if all goes well, shooting this movie later this year. [We have to] find a pocket in our schedules where we can actually make this movie and do right by it.”

Fans of Brice’s brand of horror will be intrigued to know that he has another mysterious project in the works:

“I just got hired to direct another film that is very much a horror film. On a much bigger scale than any of the Creep movies. So I’m really excited about that too.”


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