Diamondsteel Comics Launches Kickstarter Campaign For Gangster Noir Comic Book ‘Mean City Episode One’

The creators of the gritty and groundbreaking Saltire, Scotland’s first comic book superhero, Diamondsteel Comics have launched their latest project: Mean City. Following the success of Saltire – which was nominated for Best British Comic and named Illustrated Book of the Year – there is already keen interest in the new story.

The team have recently began a crowdfunding campaign to Kickstarter to bring the first book in the four part series to life.

Created by the same mind behind Saltire, John Ferguson, the new comic boasts 32 pages of full colour art by Toni Heredia, Phillip Vaughan and Robin Jones. Sample pages that can be viewed on the Kickstarter site showcase the style that this creative team bring to the comic.

Mean City tells the story of two mob debt collectors named Jaxx and Nello, whose jobs take on a new level of danger when they get caught up in the trouble caused by Calamity Malice – a fierce and unforgiving vigilante.

In the Kickstarter introductory video, Ferguson describes the book and being inspired by the work of Quentin Tarantino and a host of works in the crime noir genre.

mean cityRewards for backing the project begin at just £1, which will get you a heartfelt thank you from the team. More tangible prizes begin at just a tiny bit more. £3 will get you a PDF copy of the comic, while – for just seven more days (until 31st January 2018) – £4 will get you an early bird physical copy of the book as well as a signed print of the cover art. After that deadline, just the book will set you back a whopping £5, while the full bundle returns to £8.

As the prices climb, backers can also get themselves postcards, T-shirts, variant covers and copies of various Saltire books.

The biggest pledge comes in a £250, which will get you a physical copy of Mean City, cover art signed by the artist, a set of five exclusive signed postcards, a limited edition T-shirt, a unique image by Toni Heredia, a limited edition Mean City Noir book with a black and white variant cover and editorial guidance for your own comic book from series creator John Ferguson. There are only five chances to get your hands on this enormous bundle.

The campaign’s initial goal is just £1000.

Stretch goals will cover the cost of creating special edition Calamity Malice bookmarks, badges, keyrings, prints and even her own comic, depending on how high the final total gets.

The Kickstarter will run until Sunday 18th February. You can back it here!


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