David Cronenberg to Return to His Body Horror Roots With ‘Crimes of the Future’

Few names in the horror field conjure such images of stomach-churning grotesquery as David Cronenberg. As huge fans of his particular brand of cerebral yet visceral body horror, we were thrilled to discover that his next outing will see him return to his genre roots. Viggo Mortensen will star in Crimes of the Future, Cronenberg’s first feature since 2014’s Maps to the Stars.

David Cronenberg

Cronenberg will reportedly begin filming Crimes of the Future in Greece this summer. There may be a clue to the film’s content in the title, as Cronenberg created a bizarre movie in 1970 by the same name. The film focused on a search for a mad dermatologist in a world where the female population has been decimated by a plague originating in cosmetic products.

Mortensen’s comments when teasing the project certainly seem to support the idea that this is a remake or at least a development of the concepts explored in that original film. Speaking to GQ, he said: “It’s something he wrote a long time ago, and he never got it made. Now he’s refined it, and he wants to shoot it. Hopefully, it’ll be this summer we’ll be filming. I would say, without giving the story away, he’s going maybe a little bit back to his origins.”


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