Dani Filth’s Satanic Horror ‘Baphomet’ Secures Release Date

With pre-production beginning in 2013, writer-director Matthan Harris (The Inflicted) has described his upcoming satanic horror Baphomet as “a hellish rollercoaster of demonic and supernatural love” as well as a “labour of love”. It seems like that labour of love has paid off as Cleopatra Entertainment has bought the North American rights for the film, and it will be hitting VOD and Blu-ray on June 12th.

There is no trailer yet, but we do know that Baphomet will star Cradle of Filth’s Dani Filth as occultist and witchcraft expert Lon Carlson. Filth is joined by Colin Ward (Mank, Criminal Minds), Giovanni Lombardo Radice (The Omen, City of the Living Dead), Nick Principe (Laid to Rest, Chromeskull), and writer-director Harris (German Angst, For We Are Many). The film tells the story of your typical American family, the Richardsons, whose world is transformed when they receive a visit on their ranch from cult leader Henrik Brandr. What follows promises to be an intense ride of curses, tragedies, and old secrets, which explain why a satanic cult is so obsessed with this land, and how far they’ll go to claim it.

Filth claims, “I really liked the idea of it. The script was good. It seemed genuinely interesting, esoteric. The premise is great, and I quite liked the idea of the character I was playing… haggard and highly intelligent. It’s kind of apt, you know. I wouldn’t say it’s tongue-in-cheek, I wouldn’t even say it’s role reversal, but it’s similar in the way that Ozzy played a priest in Trick or Treat. It’s playing with the genre, mixing it up a little bit, and I think it’s cool, yeah. I think that I’m cut out for the role of an occult investigator, occult philosopher, etcetera. I could see myself actually doing that role in real life.”

While there may be no trailer at the moment, you can check out the impressive poster for Baphomet below.


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