Celebrating Spring with Stephen King, this May on Shudder

Hardcore horror fans unanimously high-fived when Shudder came into our midsts, dedicating its streaming service to nothing but horror flicks.

Gruesome twosome Netflix and Amazon Prime are undoubtedly strong contenders for putting the frighteners on us too. However, Shudder offers an arguably more unique viewing experience for fans of the macabre. The service includes numerous original corkers like Downrange and Among the Living, as well as an unparalleled collection of films, TV series and killer blockbuster classics.

So, it may come as no surprise that we swooned somewhat when we heard the news that Shudder is holding a month of May-hem (come on, you know that’s good) in dedication to horror maestro Mr Stephen King himself.

Shudder’s general manager Craig Engler detailed what Stephen King month would have in store for viewers:

“Creepshow, Cat’s Eye, Salem’s Lot and of course the blockbuster miniseries It, featuring Tim Curry’s gleefully malevolent performance as Pennywise, are some of the most iconic Stephen King movies and series ever made … We’re excited to have them exclusively on Shudder during Stephen King month, where they can be discovered by new fans and binged again by old fans. It’s part of our commitment to deliver the largest, and best collection of horror, thriller, and suspense to Shudder members.”

Let us know your thoughts and which Stephen King movies and episodes you’re looking forward to seeing the most! You can sign up for a free 7-day trial at Shudder here.


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