A US Version of ‘What We Do in the Shadows’ Could be Coming to TV Soon

Prettier people, vibrant colour schemes, and terrible ratings. This is the traditional trifecta associated with American TV remakes of foreign properties. It’s not a hard-and-fast rule, but for every Shameless (US), there are hundreds of The IT Crowd (US). So it was with some trepidation that we discovered that Kiwi cult comedy What We Do in the Shadows has been snapped up by FX for a TV pilot.

All is not doom and gloom though. There are a few early signs that the proposed series is on the right track. For one thing, Taika Waititi and Jermaine Clement are both on board, with Clement writing the pilot episode and Waititi on board to direct.

What We Do in the Shadows (2014)

For another thing, FX, which also plays host to American Horror Story and Legion, seems a natural home for What We Do in The Shadows.

The What We Do in the Shadows TV project will feature Kayvan Novak, Natasia Demetriou and Harvey Guillen, but we’re most excited about the casting of Matt Berry, who seems born to play a pompous, ancient member of the undead.

However, New Zealand will have its own show set in the What We Do in the Shadows universe with the release of Wellington Paranormal this year, a comedic X-Files-esque show centring on the two hapless police officers featured in the original film. The FX show is being described as being closer to a reboot, meaning it will most likely be a domestic comedy about a vampire house-share.


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